So I was driving home from a pizza place at midnight with two friends in the back seat. I was turning left onto the highway from a stoplight. The highway is three lanes, and the people in front of me all went into the left 2 lanes. I hooked around into the right lane and hammered it in second gear in order to get around everyone. Once I passed the crowd, I noticed an old black Mercedes gaining on me. I was going about 75 when I saw him come up next to me. I downshifted into fourth and we took off, and he followed. I kept it up until about 120, but I thought it best to back off since the road was starting to get a little rough. I was a few car lengths ahead of him (not sure exactly how many since I wasn't looking behind me) when I let off. He then blew past me and turned on his hazard signals (like he thinks my top speed was 120 or something?).

I know beating an E-class isn't that impressive (unless it's an E-55), but it was the first real highway run I've ever done, so it was still fun as hell.