I haven't had a chance to drive the STI as it should be driven till yesterday. I've been busy w/ work related stuff so we ( 95 Civic w/ Tein Flex coilovers, 03 IS300 w/ APex N1 coilovers, and me ) decided to drive Hwy 19/129 yesterday. We all had a blast yesterday as we were trying to shoot videos. Anyways, so after doing the video shoot I realized the tires were just warming up; I couldn't believe it was still rather cold.
Well then the 3 of us decided to have some fun so we did some spirited driving. We knew from experience that hp doesn't help too much if you can't make it through the turns. After 2 real runs up and down I realized the STI started to feel better. This was after the fact that I'm getting all 4 tired to squeal through turns. The RE070 finally start to feel warm ... not even hot. I can't believe that it took "work" the warm up the RE070 on the STI. Driving normally, the tries were still relatively cold and didn't change temperatures till spirited driving. By the last few runs I pasted the IS300 w/ ease and caught the Civic w/ no problems; his brakes were fading as I could smell them behind him and we saw smoke when we stopped.
I learned that the RE070 takes "spirited" driving before they start working and having 254whp/265ft/lbs does help in the straights. I basically sat in the 3rd the whole time very comfortabley. I even got into 4th once for fun. The Brembo's made a huge difference as 0 brake fade even at the end. The STI honestly felt better as I drove harder. Weird.