ok, this is only my second and third real kills (i'm keeping count!! . i was on my way home at about 10:00 when i see these xenon headlights in my rearview mirror. i think its a bimmer, and forget it. about a mile later, this cocky guy in an audi tt is keeping stride and giving me thses looks. im like ok, lets go. so we go 50-80+ and needless to say, he couldnt take the heat, he quit at about 80. im all happy. so im speeding along at like 75, and im coming up to this huge notorius hill that is known all around in my area. its real steep, and pretty open, and there, aren't too many cops who hang around there, so im speeding along, and another guy decides to challenge me and my rex. he zips by me in a plymouth prowler and starts his way up the hill/mountain. so i instinctivly floor it, and i start to catch up at about 90, but there is a car ahead of me in my lane!!! so i switch lanes super quick and get behind him. im about two car lenths behind when we start to climb the hill. i downshift, and floor it again, then pull into the lane next to him when i am clear of all other traffic. im back up to 90, and i start to pull on him! not fast, just at a crawl, but i pull enough to catch up and pass him. just then i see the xenon headlights back in the distance. it was the tt who i had left in the dust earlier. he must have seen the action from afar and decided to try and catch up. he didnt though. so i was pretty excited that night. just though i'd share my excitment for the week.