ok guys this was a slow weekend for me, did more watching speed and surfing the site rather than racing. I did beat a BMW 540I i think it was?? didn't quite see the badging. let's see a saturn that had the typical rice products, a maxima, and some **** head almost rear ended me in a maxima..there is a long straight away and i look in my rear view and see this car pass the guy behind me and it was a double yellow so i was like hell no this guy isn't going to be an ******* to me..so i stepped on it and i dusted him and slowed down to the 60mph speed limit and he is still coming fast and the light ahead was red so i slowed down and pulled over to the turning lane so he wouldnt hit me and i roll down the window to give this guy hell and he says whoa nice car and takes off!! WTF! i was so baffled....now i should've stopped and let the ******* pass me but i didn't think that clear and sped up....o well racing weekend is over..the downpipe comes next week or the week after w00t for me