Blown Beast vs STi
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    Blown Beast vs STi

    Today on my way home from work a huge Chevy Silverado 4X4 Pickup truck got right next to me at a light and started revving at me. He did it several times. He even did a quick slip of the clutch to make his truck jump. The truck had a large lift kit, big tires, extremely loud exhaust, and was obviously supercharged (you could hear the loud whinning/whistle everytime he hit the gas). It was a beast.

    Well we were behind some traffic so when the light turned green he got around a car and took off. So I chased after him and eventually caught him and started to pull away. When I got about 3-4 cars in front of him I slowed down and waited for him to pull along side of me. He continued to run wide open thinking he was going to be able to do a fly bye. I was ready and waiting and got back on the gas. I made sure he got the message and kept my foot to the floor until I was about 6 cars in front of him. He then gave up and slowed down.

    I dought he will be revving at another STi anytime soon. He got his axx handed to him big time. Defnately a fun experience and I just love beating people that challange me.

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    Good kill.
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    Reminds me of Thanksgiving weekend as I was crossing the Mississippi River from IL into MO and ran across a Silverado SS w/ a IL license plate that read "HRSEPWR". He took it upon himself to attempt to not let himself get passed by a lil blue import. Each time I was able to reel him in and walk past after he hit it a few times in front of me, but there was one instance where he had that thing going at least 130 mph and took me awhile to catch up... Damn impressive for a full size pickup. Definitely didn't have a speed limiter on it.

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    nice kill
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