Me vs 05' CTS-V
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    Me vs 05' CTS-V

    I was up in Orlando this weekend with some friends, and one of them had just traded in his WS6 for a new CTS-V, very very nice car IMO.

    We went to Old Town to do the skycoaster etc, then headed home........and had some highway fun on the way.

    I had myself, and two guys in my car. I weigh roughly 160, friend was 110, and the other was about 170-180.

    The CTS-V had two people total. He weighs prolly around 200, and his GF maybe 100. So about 140-150 lbd advantage for him.

    It was cold out, prolly in the 40's. We started the race from around 70mph, I was in 3rd. We went up till 120mph, since I havent had a chance to get rid of the speed limiter.

    Up until 110 which is the top of my 4th, we were dead even. As soon as I shifted to 5th he started to creep past me a bit. At 120mph there was maybe a 1/2 car between me and his rear bumper.

    Looked up the stats and saw that they trap 109-110mph. Which is right where I trapped. Nice car, and has a lot of pull past 100+. Good race, he was suprised that he couldn't pull me until we got over 110.

    Good times.
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    Damn dude. good for you. I drove a CTS-V and it was such an awesome car, fast and comes with a ton of goodies. The only problem was it felt like shifting a bus because the throws were so long across the box. I have to get one of those somehow amd throw in a short shift kit.
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