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" on a side note i dont know y every one is always on about the skyline....dont get me wrong its a super car but not the most moddable"

moddability was the basis for your dissing the skyline yet the nsx is the worst for modability of the 4.

You speak alot more oppinion than then you do truth.
ok what utter cr ap ... sorry but it's true
there are several twin turbo NSX over here that flat out destroy anything short of Ferrari F50's Titanium inernals stock. yes very un moddable .
They do nead extra injectors etc to run FI and no you can't slap a bolt on turbo kit to them like a civic.

The skyline stock turbos are ceramic and have a nasty habit of snapping shafts when subjected to higher boost levels. The NSX owns all the other japanese cars in the handling.