Okay... so before I get into my races I played with a M3 smg convetible today . We met at the self car wash and chated abit and decided to go for a run. I noticed something that I wanted some of your opinions on. We went once off the line for jokes and I killed him.. but than we went from a 3rd gear roll.. and he was neck -neck with me until middle of 4th than we shut down.. he smiled at me and I was like WTF? ( i raced 3 or 4 m3 b4 on the highway and they were coupes ) so we went again and this time again he stayed with me in 3rd and at the end of 4th I started to pull and 5th again pulled I was 2 -3 cars ahead by 120-130.. I guess my question is .. did he stick with me in 3rd and most of 4th becuase I wasn't into enough BOOST? I am currently dynod at 280 whp. 18 psi of boost (to be safe) Tbe and downpipe.. I gues I need to be in higher speeds to really pull on the M3 and get into boost... this sound right?