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This is a discussion on Supra's are pricks within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally posted by Nexxus It's kinda hard not to when every teenage ricer on the planet slows down and drools ...

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    Originally posted by Nexxus

    It's kinda hard not to when every teenage ricer on the planet slows down and drools over your car. Not to mention all the non-owners out there who think it's the best car on the road. It gets really annoying after a while.
    Actually I like the Supra and appreciate it for what it is (an affordable common man's sports car). When I was looking into getting the WRX, I also had my eyes on the SupraTT, RX7TT, MR2T, and ultimately decided on the WRX. My decision was based on the fact that the WRX was new and had a warranty rather than getting an older car that probably was going to cost me in replacement parts before I ever even thought about modding it.

    With that said, I also like a lot of cars but would only drool over a Ferrari or something exotic. I guess it's different with those riceboys though, they'd probably stick their winky in your tailpipe if you turn your back long enough.
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    Originally posted by nmyeti

    I have to admit that i had a little fun with that guy... nothing like having someone doubt you and then breaking out the old-school 12.3 video on them...

    Typing this as i sit here staring at the "happy birthday nathan" sign that came in my box of parts from AUS this morning. Finally i can get my car back on the road.

    LOL way to lay the smackdown, Nathan!
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