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Concerning the 35hp gain - I don't think that is true on the newer 1.8T motors. For the first couple of years of production they were rated at 150Hp. Still the same 1.8T engine but are now putting out 180HP = 30HP gain over the old ones.

How you ask? To my understanding VW raised the boost some and optimized fuel and ignition advance for the additional power. You can still through a chip in for improvements in power but it will NOT have the same effects becasue it's already maximized where the older 1.8T's had a lot of room for improvement.
Actually, even the new 1.8T's get a substantial gain in HP/TQ. See: http://www.goapr.com/VW/products/ecu..._jetta18t.html

AWP is the engine code for the new 1.8T's. Chipping nets you 35 HP, 73 lb/ft TQ. How? The 1.8T's boost is computer controlled.