Got my Stage 0 mods installed and I've been itching for a chance to try it out. In moderately heavy traffic today on a 40mph city street headed towards work, there was a white V6 Honda Accord up ahead. After a couple of lights, we wound up side by side, me in the #1 lane, him in the #3 lane. We we rolling slowly and I was already in 2nd gear. I heard him rev it and man, did his car sound strong, almost a V8 roar coming out of it. I floored it, he did too and I rapidly pulled a couple of car lengths. Then, amost as soon as it started, we had to shut down for traffic ahead.

Never got another chance to try matters to a more satisfactory conclusion as there was just too many other cars on the road. He did pull alongside, revved it, looked over at me and we exchanged big grins. That Accord was sweet, no rice-out appearance at all. Very clean, a real sleeper. I was hoping for a chance to ask him what his mods were but we never got lined up side by side at a stop.