On my way back home from Applebee's for the second time this evening (wrong order) my wife and I are sitting at a light. There are three lanes and we're in the left one. Up next to us pulls a Gray Explorer Sport and a Red Ranger. Each had one teenager in it. I'm not sure if the kids saw my car but I believe they were totally fixed on each other. The way they kept inching toward the light let me know a race was going to happen. I bring it to my wifes attention and she turns to me and says "Blow their doors off, honey." I love my wife.

The light turns green and they're off. I nonchalantly launch to give them both a good head start. The Explore has about 3/4 car on the ranger, but then the magic number hits (3000 rpm) and its over. Passed them both like they were standing still. My wife was pretty giddy about the whole thing. That was the best part. That and seeing the kid in the Explorers face go from to as we flew by in a blur.

I've been there. In a POS I thought was fast, racing some other nerd in his POS, thinking we were breaking the sound barrier and being utterly humbled by someone who actually knew what fast was. Or at least had a better idea. It's all part of the learning experience. Anyway, it was fun. We only went to about 55.