WRX vs. El Camino w/ 350 (?)
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This is a discussion on WRX vs. El Camino w/ 350 (?) within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; From a roll on (w/ AC on initially, but I turned it off around the corner...hehe) at about 25mph we ...

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    WRX vs. El Camino w/ 350 (?)

    From a roll on (w/ AC on initially, but I turned it off around the corner...hehe) at about 25mph we both punched it, I was in just shifting to 2nd unfortunately...his exhaust sounded pretty mean we were even up to about 70 and I was pulling away slightly maybe 1/2 a car at that point and we both shut down because I'm not big on true street racing.

    I'm pretty sure he had a modified 350 in there...sounded exactly like it. Pretty cool car - had some big meats in the back, too.

    Anyway, I'm pretty happy that I was able to keep up from a roll and maybe pull a little assuming he didn't just let off.

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    the thing about those old muscle cars is that you never know what they're actually packing! Too bad you didnt get to talk to him or anything.
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    remember, a stock 33 year old v8 with no mufflers, or flowmaster 2 chambers on a 2.5" exhaust sounds like a pretty mean machine.

    Nice job keeping up though - at least with my car, lots of people beat me off the line... but the old beast gets a little better as the speedo goes up.

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