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    I'm not a big fan of racing other cars on the highway, most people just end up driving like maniacs, cutting other people off, basically just being stupid. Competition always seems to bring out the best in these people. Anyway, every once in a while I come across someone who is a decent driver and while we don't race, we sure as hell do some driving. Once I came across an old guy (maybe late 60s) in a new Boxter S. I buzzed by him for kicks, and he latched on. Next thing I knew, I was about an hour further down the highway than I wanted to be. The old guys in the Boxter S's always seem to be good drivers. The same goes for the older M3 drivers, but only the older guys, the kids in the newer style M3's are just dopes. Vette drivers never seem to drive fast, and those porsche turbo guys seem content at 65 (except when you cut them off, and they follow you to class, and threaten to kill you "YOU ALMOST CRASHED INTO MY 150 THOUSAND DOLLAR CAR!" "No, you just can't drive" (run away)).

    Anyway, always seem to have a better time when I run into a decent driver in a nice car than racing some punk in a cavalier for a mile.


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    Well as peopl describe me ... "I drive slow at a fast speed" however most people "Drive fast at a slow speed." Yeah it's up to the driver of a particular car ... if the car can pull 1G and 0-60 in 4 secs but idiot can't launch and doesn't know how to take a turn then they're NOT going to get their "fast times." Drive normal most of the time and have fun every once in a while.
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