I lost to a mustang
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    I lost to a mustang

    This guy I had raced before in his old LX notch has since got a 94 GT. Apparently it had a 347 when he bought it and he added heads and a cam.

    He was talkin all kinds of trash on the local street racing board, so I finally set it up.

    He comes out last nite with his SLICKS on and I thought for sure I was toast.

    We went out to the boonies for a run. He warmed up his slicks and then pulled up to the light. I start fluttering the throttle when the other direction goes yellow. We get a green and I dump the clutch somewhere between 6 and 7k All I got was slip. The tires gripped all to well and I just roasted the clutch through first. I still had a couple cars on him however. I hit second and look back and see the side of his car. There was a dip on the other side of the intersection and he got a "little" sideways.

    He gets a car back in 2nd gear. When I shift to third he comes flying by me. He had about 4 cars on me by 90. Oh well.. win some, lose some.

    I'll take another shot at him next week when I get the 50 shot plumbed in.
    i drive a jeep n stuff.

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    Nice try at that..hopefully you'll get him with the 50 shot! Was he modded after the heads and cam? Was he a d!ck about it?

    Sorry about the death
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    Wow... how did I miss that . Was that Danny's friend Stang94 or somthing like that? Man he should run the guy with the WS6 Naturally Asperated (he runs mid 12's now). OH well... that is suprising to say the least...

    Maybe it's time for a VF22 ?
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    I can hang with the V6 Mustangs!! Maybe you are talking about a different trim though?
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