'02 WRX (18g) vs. pre-03 SVT Cobra w/mild mods
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This is a discussion on '02 WRX (18g) vs. pre-03 SVT Cobra w/mild mods within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; I was out on Tue afternoon, and heard the sound of a Mustang in front of me at a light. ...

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    '02 WRX (18g) vs. pre-03 SVT Cobra w/mild mods

    I was out on Tue afternoon, and heard the sound of a Mustang in front of me at a light. A van was between us, so I couldn't see around him for a bit. I managed to get around the van, and sure enough, I see a nice Mustang w/the aggressive Cobra stance and sweet rims ahead. At one point, we had a light side by side, and I did a brief 1st gear pull to catch up to some car in front of me, and to communicate to the Mustang that I was feeling playful, in case we caught a light. He moved behind me, and within a few lights, we caught one, w/me in front, and him in the back.

    Now, I was not about to have an unfair advantage, especially since last time I raced a '98 Cobra (305 hp), I stomped him from a roll twice, and slaughtered him from a dig. So I moved off the line a little slowly, which apparently pissed him off, because he was riding my bumper, and flew out to the left as soon as we were past the car next to me. I was in 2nd, taching at least 4k rpm, and he went to fly by, yelling at me out his passenger window: I timed him, and stopped his progress right as his passenger front door was even w/my front bumper. Through most of 3rd gear we ran even, which surprised me that he kept up so well. By the top of 3rd, I started to pull him, and into 4th, I steadily walked away, and he shut down by the time I had a carlength. I was laughing at him the whole time I passed him, 'cause it was funny as hell the way he was yelling at me w/that ****y look on his face, only to get own3d by the 4 cyl, lol.

    He stayed way behind me after that, even though I slowed to the speed limit. And all I wanted to do was give him a thumbs up, lol. He wanted none of it.

    I hit a turn around later, and gave him a friendly beep, as had pulled in behind me to make a left...sore loser.
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    love it

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    Nice kill, I have a lot of ****y mustang drivers where I live. I still haven't raced a SCed one yet but every cobra I've raced never stays with me longer than top of 3rd. I love these threads.
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