no kill, but rather funny/sad story! (Long)
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    no kill, but rather funny/sad story! (Long)

    I don't really street race much, occassionally let the car loose in open highway just to get some rush. On the way home today I saw the funniest / sadiest thing.

    After I pass the toll booth, I heard a high buzz exhuast note follow by a load roar, I thought to myself, this is interesting. I sped up and guess what I found: a previous gen civic si with exhuast with whatever mods it has and an Camaro SS, latest style with center exhuast. ( supposed to be the fastest SS ever built, someone correct me if I am wrong )

    If you guys think I was going to say the Honda won the race, guess again!!! The poor little Honda had absolutely no chance from hell, not only that, the SS didn't even want to pass him, he was chasing the Honda thru out the highway. The SS front end was inches away from poor little civic's tail. Civic sped up, SS sped up, Civic slowed down, SS slowed down, It almost looked like a mightly cat is toying its dying prey.

    Feeling unjust, I sped up and challenged the SS, thinking that I might had a better chance with my mods. Nope, no luck. SS didn't want to play with me, he was having too much of a good time with poor little civic.

    It was funny, I don't if the civic deserve it, but mean while, it is also sad to see the hopeless civic trying so hard but there was nothing he could do with the mighty SS on its tail. :END:
    my car is slow,,,,,, very slow.

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    maybe they knew each other :whoknows:

    Anyway, let me take this time to disspell a popular myth...SS's are NOT much faster than z28s!! They only have a slightly better intake/catback, mods that all z28 owners tend to change as soon as they get em! SS's are not all that when compared to other z28s and trans ams...
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