This last weekend I was on my way to dinner when some guy flew past me and then cut me off to get into the left turn lane. I pulled behind him a little ticked off and when we turned I stuck to his bumper. He tried to pull away but couldnt. About another 1/8th mile up we came to a light. He stopped first and I switched lanes. While I was just coming to a complete stop the light changed (arg!!!). I was 1/2 way to shifting to first and the quick light change threw me off. I was expecting to get to a full stop and have a real launch ... but the stoplight gods decided otherwise. I got about a 3k quick launch which turned into a bog... haha... so he had about 1 car on me from the start. I saw his car jump a few times from 1-2-3 so I know he was banging the gears (had to be manual). I pulled to his door by mid second, and was pulling him in slowly when he let off to turn left. I know for a fact I would have passed by the end of third.

It was fun ... but technically I lost I guess. I would have destroyed him had I had two or three more seconds to fully stop and launch.