my XT vs. my bros 98 Cobra
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This is a discussion on my XT vs. my bros 98 Cobra within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; It was quite an interesting ordeal. He wondered where he stood against my car or any Subaru for that matter ...

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    my XT vs. my bros 98 Cobra

    It was quite an interesting ordeal. He wondered where he stood against my car or any Subaru for that matter and I wondered where I stood against his car. Now both cars are completely stock but he has a k&n cone filter on his Cobra.
    Our first run was out on a 4 lane highway with hardly any traffic on our side. We were both running at 65mph when we hit it. I got the jump on him up to about 100mph before he zipped past me. This was totally expected on my part however I didn't even expect to get the jump on him like I got. He later tells me he was in 4th gear so that would explain the jump I got, it was a full car length at that. That all happened yesterday.
    Today we gave it a try from a dead stand still. This time we both came off the line pretty darn even but when I hit second he fell back to my bumper, then I hit 3rd and pulled enough to put him within a foot of my rear bumper. In the end I had him up to around 90 before he finally reeled me in. I knew my little XT was strong but I had no idea.
    I have seen both cars stock numbers on paper and I knew they were pretty much equal to each other in the quarter mile. I think this little test of cars has really helped me to realize the potential locked up in my little sleeping grocery getter.
    Just to let everyone know, we do not condone this type of driving behavior nor do we do it on a regular basis. In fact we both preach on the importance of safe highway driving. However, we are human and we sometimes give into the temptations that forego us.

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    Nice runs, love the XT.

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    Try swapping rides for a couple of runs and see if the drivers make any difference,just curious.
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    I was just about to write...but then I saw it was a 98....screwed up my thought. Nice kill on the launch, turbo back exhaust, boost controller, and a utec and he will not win
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