I raced two guys in a nice looking black Camaro SS a few weeks ago and got my ass handed to me from a roll, then when going from a stand still they passed me pretty soundly at the beginning of 4th \end of 3rd. I have a Vishnu Stage zero, and my car ran a 13.6 with a 2 second 60 ft. time (I sucked at driving the one time I went to the track). This guy claimed to only have exhaust headers done and that he runs high 12's regularly at the track. His car was loud, but I don't know enough or care to know enough about Camaro's to determine whether his exhaust was stock or not. If only Vishnu would release their Stage 1 already... I hate losing, but the guy was very nice about it all and complimented my bug-eyed rice-burner that I love so much.