WRX vs. CRX vs. Integra GSR
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This is a discussion on WRX vs. CRX vs. Integra GSR within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; I picked up my car today from the body shop. They did a perfect job repairing the damage from the ...

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    WRX vs. CRX vs. Integra GSR

    I picked up my car today from the body shop. They did a perfect job repairing the damage from the accidient, other than that they inadvertently shaved my *ss (left the chrome subaru lettering off), but it looks sweet so i'm keeping it like that. Anyway so to celebrate my friend and i went cruising. As i'm coming down a 3 lane road i see Integra's light up ahead, i speed up and pull up along side. We both just floor it by instinct. He had a little pea shooter muffler, but when he floored it i could clearly here an intake. I pulled strongly on him but i was surprised by his mods that he didn't fall back too much . Anyway i followed him onto another 3 lane road and we're just playing by flooring it and stuff. Then suddenly a rumble came in the middle lane and a CRX appeared. It sounded pretty good. Anyway we got lucky and caught a red light. Well i ended up slaughtering them both the CRX beat the integra by about 2 car lengths and i had about 3 car lengths on the CRX at 70 were i shut down. Anyway it was a goodnight to get the car back.
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    Nice kills. When I ran at the track last week there was CRX that ran 13.9. Heavily moded. I used to own a CRX, very fun car to drive.
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    Nice kills! I've always like the way the CRX looked. One of my favorites (as far as affordable favorites ). Congrats on getting your baby back.
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    nice kills
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