Mustang on the commute home...
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    Mustang on the commute home...

    I had to throw this up here for the humor value alone...

    I was coming back from a trip to the store after work yesterday. One of the main stoplights in town is a four-lane (left, straight, straight, right), and it is in a shopping area with a ton of traffic. I was in line in the left-most straight lane behind a newer-generation Mustang (no badges, but a pretty big set of dual pipes) in front of me...licence plates were vanity, something along the lines of "2FST4U". I was paying attention to the Prelude next to me with the two blondes in it, fooling around and revving my engine a bit to make them laugh, when I start to hear the 'Stang revving a bit. I look up, and the guy is staring at me in his mirror. I have a WRB '02 that I've lowered, and added a CF STI scoop, Grillcraft grill, and painted headlight housings, so i tend to draw a bit of attention occasionally. This guy apparently thought I was revving at him, and decided I needed a lesson in 'American Iron'.

    The light went green, and he took off like a shot in all his tire-spinning glory. I took off right behind him, never falling more than 5 feet from his rear bumper. The car was screaming, so I'm sure he was giving it all he had. As we closed in on the next intersection, I pulled left into the turn lane, came around him, and nosed past him before hauling to a stop in the turn lane traffic. He continued past and screeched to a halt in the line of traffic heading straight. My lane got the light first, and as I drove past him, he stuck his hand out the window and gave me a thumbs-down. I pointed and laughed, and cruised on by.

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    No badges on it? Probably a V6 with dual exhaust. 1999 and newer GT's have "GT" on the back. 1994 and newer Cobras have "SVT" on the back. got a thumbs down from a jackass in a V6 ButtStang.

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    Originally posted by StngStr
    a jackass in a V6 ButtStang.
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