wrx vs Jetta VR6... w/ vette cruising along
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This is a discussion on wrx vs Jetta VR6... w/ vette cruising along within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Cliff's below... Well, my friend got his Jetta a few months ago even after all our friends tried to convince ...

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    wrx vs Jetta VR6... w/ vette cruising along

    Cliff's below...

    Well, my friend got his Jetta a few months ago even after all our friends tried to convince him that it's a girl's car. I tried to convince him to get the golf or at least the 1.8t. Anyways, it's a pretty decent car (if you can look past it's gayness). 200hp w/ a 6spd tranny. After being in the car with him a few times and feeling the torque and power of the car I felt that it would probably be a good highway match up for my stock wrx. Unfortunately we never raced while I was stock (i'm cobb stg1 now).

    Deep down I knew I would beat him but ever since my stock wrx was beat by a golf ( i think it was a vr6) on the highway I've had my doubts. I knew my stage 1 felt much better on the highway so I figured he'd lose.. just not sure by how much.

    So on our way home from hollywood we pace each other at about 60mph. I drop into 3rd... but after 5 seconds of waiting he doesn't go, so I pop up to 4th... and of course that's when he takes off. He gets a good car jump while I throw it back into 3rd but by the time I shift to 4th I'm already a car ahead and pulling hard. I let up at about 110ish w/ probably a good 3 cars.

    I slow back down and we line up again... 65mph and this time I keep it in 3rd till he goes. I see his car lurch forward so I punch it and this time I pull immediately. I probably had a good 4 cars by the time I let up. Well, I pretty much knew I was gonna beat him, just didn't know by how much. I have to factor in that he's a really crappy driver, IMO. I found out later that he only had it in 5th gear... I would have dropped it to at least 4th. I think w/ a better driver the car would have hung in much closer. He seriously drives like a grandma.

    So while all this action was going on w/ me and my friend, a nice C5 corvette was keeping pace. I got a look at its side and noticed that it wasn't a Z06, not that it makes it any less deadly. So after pacing him and trying to get him to run, even though I knew he'd murder me, he continues to ignore me so I just pass him and cruise at about 75mph. Then seriously out of nowhere he comes out from behind me and takes off... I didn't even have time to react to even decide to give chase. By the time I figured what the hell just happened he was already 4 cars ahead and pulling like a freight train. Those things are fast! If only I could be that fast

    Well, I was satisfied for the evening. I finally squashed the vr6 debate I was having in my mind, even though I feel a better driver could have been more of a challenge. I don't think there will be a rematch, at least not while I'm stage 1. I have a nice stromung dp waiting to go in... and then I'll be stage 2!! Then the rematch w/ my bro's s2k will be scheduled ..(read 1st race here) . I hope I don't get disappointed. I'll keep you all posted...

    CLIFF's: raced my friend's stock vr6 jetta twice on a 65mph roll and toasted him. The cobb stage 1 helped quite a bit but his crappy granny driving is what also killed him.

    C5 vette was pacing and showed what true highway power is all about. Bow down

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    nice runs....

    If that corvette was stock, then you can be that fast, or even faster...

    Get a bigger turbo! with all the associated trimmings, and you too can pull "like a freight train"
    02 WRX WRBP sedan..
    Upgrades??? stock...

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