Older guy in an A8L behind me on the way to work seemed a little anxious and on my bumper. I was in 4th doing about 40 and gently rolled on the gas and he stayed with me so I floored it and waited to see what happened. Naturally it took a few seconds for my car to get going since I didn't bother to downshift but at 65 or so it got moving ok and he was still stuck dead in the same place behind me. By 80 I got about another length between us and at 95 it was about the same and the light ahead turned yellow so I had to bail. I was impressed by that car (and the old guy driving!). I thought I would have waxed him more than that but he was able to keep up pretty well. I read that the car does 60 in 6.4 and tops out at 155. I couldn't find a 0-100 time, but I bet it's not far from ours.