04 WRX STG2 vs. RX8
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This is a discussion on 04 WRX STG2 vs. RX8 within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; it was about 2:30am and im heading home on the freeway when i see a pair of projector hids coming ...

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    04 WRX STG2 vs. RX8

    it was about 2:30am and im heading home on the freeway when i see a pair of projector hids coming up fast behind me. he flys by me doing about 70, so i downshift and catch up. i pace him from about a carlength behind and he doesnt seem to like it. he is doing about 85 now. we come up to some bends on the freeway and i am impressed. not by the handling of the rx8 but by the difference the helix swaybar i put in just that day had made in my turn-in and body roll. well, i am still pacing him from about 1.5 carlengths behind, and just when the road gets straight the dude does something that really pisses me off. he turns on his hazards. apparently he thought we were racing. at this point my 580lbs of passengers are going crazy. egging me on to put him in his place. im right on his ass now, waiting for him to hit it. he does and he moves over a lane. its a good thing he did because from 3rd to part of 4th i caught up from right behind him and proceeded to put about 1/2 a car per second on him. i figured i had proved my point, and gotten even for the hazards, so i quickly got back down to the speed limit. the guy in the rx8 stayed way behind me and took the very next exit.
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    Nice kill man, I am getting really sick of RX-8's lately. They are only worth the gas on the highway and still we can make them look pretty bad
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