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sorry but this setup that i had was wayyyyyyyyyyyy before fast and the furious came out and all you seen back then were 5.0 grand nationals -conquest-supras-mustang svo turbo-merkur turbo-turbo charged pontiac transams same engine as the gn.I got rid of my conquest tsi in 1996.im old school ,us guys are ones who started the turbo craze in the 80's.did 95% all the work my self the other 5% was the machine shop.dont forget guys the turbo in a wrx is a mitsubishi turbo and very related to the stock conquest-starion turbo.heres something most subi owners dont know mitsubishi is the one that puts and builds subaru engines for subaru.so never underestamate mitsubishi cars.mitsubishi cars in the 80's were much better built then. in my opinion.