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This is a discussion on what is the fastest youve driven? within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; 156 stock srt4. ran outta road to go faster...

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    Jan 2004
    156 stock srt4. ran outta road to go faster
    RayfieldsWRX - "You like the feel of torque steer? Interesting"
    jd92677 - "I like the idea of mashing the gas and not knowing which way the car will go."
    -02 WRX 13.8@96 stock SOLD
    -04 SRT-4 626whp SOLD.
    -04 STi 13.3@102 stock. SOLD
    -04 SRT4 388whp DD SOLD

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    Jul 2002
    Looking for a job in Chicago
    110 in a regal GS
    dont have a wrx.......yet
    I dont care how many stewerdesses you've bagged I still think your a lousy pilot ( if you know what show thats from i owe you a cookie)
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    Apr 2004
    Greenwich, CT
    Originally posted by 2004SilverWRX
    71 Nova 120+ (speedo only went to 120 and was far beyond while redlined in 4th up a steep hill)
    94 SHO 140+ (speedo only went to 140, Ford claimed 146 for top speed)
    SWEET I used to have a 91 SHO. We drove on I-40 from New Mexico to Cali and I got the speedo needle all the way to the bottom too. A cop on the other side of the freeway wanted to pull us over but by the time he got to my side, I was wayyyyy gone. Only mods I had was an intake, exhaust, and Superchip. Man that thing was awesome, it was my first car and I loved it. It had a supercharger before I sold her.

    WRX 140+ thanks to my CWest front lip, car was glued to the ground.
    SQC #176
    02 WRX
    TDC Tuned

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    Oct 2003
    San Diego, CA & Tucson, AZ
    Originally posted by virpacalis
    WRB03WRX: How'd you take the picture? How stable did it feel?
    friend was in the car and he took the pic. it felt really stable and i wasnt really scared
    07 STi Cobb AP2, TBE, Kartboy, RCE

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    May 2003
    Pittsburgh, PA
    2003 5MT WRB WRX Sedan
    Cobb stage 2.5 w/ VF30, Stoptech BBK, JDM STI front/rear seats, Mattjk LCD setup, JDM headlights w/ McColluch 6000k HIDs, GReddy EVO, 17x8" Gold Rota Torques, Eibach Pro-kit

    My car shots taken with my Canon 300D dSLR

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    Nov 2003
    143. I got it to 140 recently and it seemed to pull better at that speed then when it was stock. Must be that vf34 giving me more horses towards redline. I bet I could hit 150-155 with enough room.

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    Aug 2003
    130 in my friend's modified Viper. Scary thing is, it took it less than 10 seconds to get there and it was just getting started.

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    Sep 2003
    Downers Grove, IL
    Originally posted by 2004SilverWRX
    71 Nova 120+ (speedo only went to 120 and was far beyond while redlined in 4th up a steep hill)

    Wow, I have a 73 nova, stock suspension, but upgraded rubber, and at 110 I thought the windows were gonna give way.

    I'd rather drive my WRX 150 that that nova 105+.

    Oh and my top speeds are like:

    1973 Nova- 110, Dad's 1994 Cutlass Supreme - 120, WRX 120 ish.


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    Apr 2003
    Milwaukee, Wi.
    160 in a modded 1988 911 Turbo Cabriolet slantnose with the top down, talk about wind noise!

    A "claimed" 80 mph around a turn in an old Superbeetle with my ex girlfriend driving. I wanted to cry I was so scared, that car felt like death at 40mph...

    115mph in a kart, which is by far more fun and exhilerating than anything you'll feel in a road car IMO.

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    Registered User archiebrown's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Melbourne Australia
    Did 200kmh today on a silent, long straight road in the country, easy as pie - felt like 140kmh.
    Also hit 240kmh on a similar country stretch on a very still morning at 5am (not even the roadside trash was awake.)
    On both occasions my WRX felt incredibly stable - I recall thinking that this is what it must be like in a Porsche on the Autobahn.
    Gotta love Whiteline suspension mods -
    ...........but gotta respect the road. As has been mentioned, unless youre in the WRC, you dont wake up after mistakes over 200kmh.

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    Mar 2004
    Yamaha R1 Has a top speed of: 168 mph (This is on a dyno with NO wind drag) This speed would be much less in the real world.

    Civics have an electronic speed limiter at :105 mph.

    Honda 954RR Has a topspeed of : 158 mph

    Eclipse GS-T Top Speed is rated at : 125 mph

    1994 Supra TT WITH MODS is rated at : 155 mph

    Neon SRT4 Top Speed : 148 mph

    My personal best?
    A GPS verified 239 mph on a 1999 Turbo Hayabusa.

    Dont be mad, Im just trimming the fat off of the bull****.

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    Registered User vtjim's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    Colchester, Vermont
    130 on my Katana 600 (Interstate)
    110 in the WRX before modding (Rural road. Not very smooth.)

    I hit 100 in my WRX (current mods) on a regular basis when conditions permit it. I just shut down when I get there.
    02 WRX Sedan, Silver ("Bugeye")
    TXS Up-pipe, Turbo-back w/cat, Cobb AccessECU Stage 2.
    97 Legacy Outback, White
    Stock. Very stock.

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    Feb 2003
    Bennington, VT
    MY GPS got screwed up once and showed a top speed of 240 something. Guess I should have used that

    I have gone about 125 many times in my WRX. That seems like a good cruising speed, so I haven't gone above that...

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    Registered User zapman's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    135 in my WRX so far. I love how the car is just as stable at 135 as it is at 50. It was still climbing, slowly but surely but then a semi flashed his brights at me and scared me.

    I hate how easy it is to go 125 or so in 4th but once you shift to 5th it takes a while to accelerate.
    Former member of bugeye mafia

    <=====my old baby

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    Dec 2001
    McLean, VA
    Well North of 180 MPH in my 1995 Firebird 1LE Lingenfelter 383 cid. 485 HP on the Motor and 600 HP on the bottle. I was WOT on the bottle that night. Motor Trend tested the 383 cid ligenfelter to 192 MPH. I was close to red line so your guess is as good as mine.
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