Weekend in Michigan and an Audi TT
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    Weekend in Michigan and an Audi TT

    I went out of town for the weekend by myself with Rex. I went to visit a buddy I've known for a long time and get away from the wife and kids. Anyway, on my way home I'd decided I would take every "backroad way" I could to get home. The "passing" on country roads is an awesome use of this car, as well as many chance to pull off to dirt roads.

    During the trip home I was passing through a relatively large town and I see this Audi TT pull in behind me from an intersection. He had a broken headlight. Looked like light collision damage. Speed limit was 45, and it was a two lane devided highway. He ran up to me fast, so I downshifted and gunned it until 10 over. Traffic was not heavy, but not light either. I stared to pass a few people left and right, but not extemely fast, but the TT kept close. I decided when an opening about .5 miles long opened up in the right lane, without traffic, it was good chance to run the gears up. I got in the lane and started to climb and he was not keeping up well, although appered to be trying. I reached 85 (started getting dangerous) and slowed quickly and changed lanes for a traffic light ahead. They came flying up and gave a thumbs up. Maybe 20 year old guys. Great run, but now I know why I don't get too many TT's playing.
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    Nice Job!

    Was it the 225HP TT or the 180HP. A Rex will murder the 180HP version anywhere, anytime. The 225 is a bit more competition, but still not difficult due to it's high weight. (225 has dual tailpipes).

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