Stealthy WRX vs 2 Hondas
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    Stealthy WRX vs 2 Hondas

    Tonight I have been driving - just to sit behind the wheel, at the speed limit, listening to the Stage 1 flat four burble away through the 3" pipes. Its good, I like it.
    I was on a long stretch of highway, limited to 80kmh with stop lights every 1 or 2 ks. On the way back a Prelude zipped by, complete with little blue hood lights, massive shiny wheels, the LOUD exhaust and plates that said PRDATOR. At the next set of lights we have pole position, I pulled up beside him, killed the stereo and downed the window to listen to his engine revving.
    He and his girlfriend look over at me and even through the ludes deep tint I could see it was on. The light goes green and from a 5 kmh roll I punch it. The lude squeals its tyres and disappears and by the time I had reached shut down speed (only 90kmh - cant be too stupid) the PRDATOR lude was in my rearview mirror, eaten by the WRX by five carlengths. He then spent his time well behind me before taking a side street. PRDATOR huh?

    Then I saw my second Honda. A 600 or 750 CBR Fireblade. At the lights I scanned the bike and saw stickers that said "Racing Chain"on them, an exhaust pipe not matching the panel colour and a set of brake discs I didnt even know existed - they looked like Lotus flowers.
    To cut the tale short, I launch at about 75%, not really considering racing this thing, and at the top of 2nd he looks over at me, lifts the front wheel in the air and is gone. It looked a bit like a water balloon being fired from a slingshot. It compressed a bit and...then only a space where it used to be.
    He could have flipped me the bird as he put buslengths on me, it was done with that much contempt.

    A fun night out really, lots of cars, a couple of smokings and two car owners under no illusions as to what they dont stand to beat.

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    haha good kill on the lude...I ran one in my old Toyota Avalon and he couldnt pull me. They're slow!! They look nice, though, IMO.

    On the other race, umm...yea Bikes are FAST. LOL Good death.
    2003 SRT-4

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