Why is it people challenge WRXs so much?
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This is a discussion on Why is it people challenge WRXs so much? within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; it seems like from all these threads, everyone seems to be wanting to race your guy's wrxs. everything from ricers ...

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    Why is it people challenge WRXs so much?

    it seems like from all these threads, everyone seems to be wanting to race your guy's wrxs. everything from ricers to corvettes

    im thinking one of 2 reasons

    1)they know about wrx and know its a good car and want to see how they do against it

    2)uneducated people. the wrx is a wolf in sheeps clothing, not very itimidating, especially to muscle car guys who know nothing about subaru and they just pass it off as a ricer with a wing and fake hood scoop

    there are more reasons and stuff, im just assuming and making an observation

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    I know more than a few people race me because they don't know what a wrx is and they just hear a loud exhaust on a japanese car and feel they need to drop knowledge on a ricer boy... It seems most people with japanese cars don't bother me. I get a lot of domestic and german cars that want to go a lot though. Ironically it's these people who usually give the car the most props after a race, win or lose. Most of the other japanese cars I race, the drivers getr really sour if they lose...
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    Re: Why is it people challenge WRXs so much?

    Originally posted by carkmouch
    1)they know about wrx and know its a good car and want to see how they do against it

    2)uneducated people. the wrx is a wolf in sheeps clothing, not very itimidating, especially to muscle car guys who know nothing about subaru and they just pass it off as a ricer with a wing and fake hood scoop

    either one of those reasons.
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    probably because they arent too fast, but they are definitely quick enough for the owners to try to race. Thus, they make for interesting opponents. I find most WRX owners are willing to race, which is very important also.

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    yeah i think alot of people in wrx's are willing to race. The onyl races i get up here are the people are domestic ricer killers like gtp's and v-6 mustangs.

    None of the ricers wil race me cause they know i'll kick there ass, and nothing that i am close to or they have a slight advantage from a roll will race me cause they think i'm some rice peice of **** that isn't worth their time.

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    WRX's around here are 3 of the 5 fastest imports at the 1/4th mile track so far this year. Other one is a VR4 with alot of stuff and a 300ZX with alot of stuff.
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    I think around my area....they race me because my wrx is a slow car.

    Around here...it's all REAL fast muscle cars, or supras, Evos, SRT-4s, and Lightenings.

    I feel so slow...

    I want more power, but I don't have money for new tranny.


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    In Australia the standard WRX driver falls into 2 categories.
    1- The young buck with more ego than brains who will race a grandmother pushing a shopping cart,
    2- The wiser, older ex-rally style driver who could make a VW Bettle do 13 sec quarter miles.

    We get alot of attention, not only because we have had rexy's for a while but because it is seen that we are either an easy beat (see type 1) or a good tutor (see type 2).

    I fall into the former category, though I have calmed down alot and now attempt to get good driving skills and road knowledge. Also the fact I drive a stock looking wagon, doesnt wind up the racers so much when sitting at the lights. (Suprises the hell out of them when I put a quick buslength on them tho.)

    While some will ignore a WRX, to really get racing attention, all you need to get a type R or Ralliart sticker (on the subie), a visible monster tacho and a oversized spoiler.
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    look on any other forum with a street racing forum and you will see just as much..
    if you drive i modded civic or integra you will get just as much attention to race. but i think a big part of it is that almost all wrx drivers are guys that like to race, and have fun... how many other cars are like that?
    i see more woman driving Ls1's and many driving vettes. integra and civic are everyday commuter cars for many people.. but you look at a wrx driver and 9 out of 10 will be under 30 and wanting to play.

    plus many v8 domestics wont bother with a lot of japanese cars because they have the stigma of all being slow. but most people that know about cars will know what the wrx is capable of. and most domestic owners i come across will race a 50 year old lady off the line to prove it can peel out
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    Why ill tell you why because they r sex machines and everyone wants a piece of the sexyness, does that make sense, of course it does.
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    in the slow lane

    There are few challenges

    around here except V8 SUVs (WTF), modded F-Bodies, and lots 4.6 Mustangs. The first group just sucks. Unless the last group has forced induction, it's funny. If the middle group has street tires, they're usually surprised. If they don't, I'm in trouble, unless the roads are slippery. Once in a while a 911 (NA) tries in vain.

    IMO most challenge because it's a Subaru. However, modded F-Bodies do it because they're fast and fun to run against anyone.

    Around here Ferraris, AMGs, Ms and C5s don't bother -- they're too smart, cool or oblivious. It is a shame because most of them in stock form would be fun at least up to 110 mph.
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    no one bothers me really (and considering the area i live in and amount of "modified" (use that term VVVEERRRYYYY loosely) imports are around here... they just kinda stare.
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    they dont bother me either, and im still stock!...seems like i couldnt pay a ricer to embarass themselves in orlando these days, whats the world coming to ??

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    no one bothers trying to race me... or rev or anything... its stock...

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