WRX vs. Civic/M3 hibrid....hahahaha
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This is a discussion on WRX vs. Civic/M3 hibrid....hahahaha within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; I had a pretty funny encounter last weekend. Going to work and turning right on a street I spot an ...

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    WRX vs. Civic/M3 hibrid....hahahaha

    I had a pretty funny encounter last weekend.

    Going to work and turning right on a street I spot an M3. The front had some grey paint and I thought to myself, man he messed up his front bumper pretty bad...as he passed in front of me I noticed that the whole car was missing...I mean the rest of the M3...

    It was a f-ing civic with the BMW front end Too funny. Even the color (metallic greenish-blue, beautiful BTW) was perfect, that guy got me fooled for a couple of seconds...

    I turn on the street and follow him...big gages and all...check his exhaust and I spot this 1 inch pipe sticking out, so I think to myself there can't be much flowing out of that s*** unless he has a cut out or something. The car wasn't noisy so I figured this guy is a poser for sure...

    So I catch up to him and pace him...Nothing...stopped at a light and waited to see what he was going to do...nothing...I thought it was pretty rude considering that when I first spotted him he was blasting through traffic like an M3

    After 5 minutes I just left him...had to work, but that was some funny stuff...


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    LMAO, moments like those are when I wish I hadn't left my digital camera sitting on the kitchen counter...

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    I think everyone here should start carrying their camera in their car at all times. there is so much stuff we are missing

    you should have asked him if he would light up the rear wheels
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