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Ill tell you why doing this is fun. I have a Nissan Quest Minivan that I carry my bike in. It has zex, the engine has been built stronger, and swapped with a nissan 350 Z engine.

It is SO FUNNY to kill civic kids with. I have a ticket as stated before for going 110 in a 35, and outruning a Celeca GTS, and a Cav with Nos. The cop didnt take me to jail, or impound my van because he simply thought the judge would not believe the van did that. Its just funny to do that with slow cars/vans.

I was given some info about an old, olds quad4 minivan, that has a HUGE turbo and puts out 800 hp. How would you like to see that on the highway? Its just amuzing
so you have a nissan quest with a 350Z motor that is built with a zex kit?