Three kills - One week - Good times
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This is a discussion on Three kills - One week - Good times within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; First was with a beemer 325i in Atlanta, late late late Saturday night, after a party. Nobody on the long ...

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    Three kills - One week - Good times

    First was with a beemer 325i in Atlanta, late late late Saturday night, after a party. Nobody on the long stretch north of town. I notice my friends (who was at the party) bmw light on my rear. I pull up next to him and take off... in third and slow down immediately to show my intent. My friend start accelerating from 3 bus lengths back and drives past me. I jam it back to 3rd and quickly take the lead and slow down again. I let down my window and waved "End of race".He wouldnt give up. .I drove past me again at very very high speed > 92 mph. I know this because my 3rd hit the rev limiter. I notice his cabin lights on and his wife waving victory. I shifted to 4th and slowly began to pull away,for a easy lead. My exit was fast approaching and I slowed down. My buddy did a "ricer flyby" for his own satisfaction. He never road races, so I bet he does not know what ricer flyby was. So no offence taken!

    Getting off work last evening after 12hours: rolleyes: Another buddy of mine, pulls up in his Eclipse GT (2001) no mods. We get to a stoplight and we decide to race to the next turn, on the way home. The next turn is like 1/4 mile away. From a dig.. he had no change. I put bus lengths on him.

    Heading off to wrap my TXS downpipe at on saturday and to fix an uppipe leak, I notice this new Nissan maxima zigzagging through traffic. I take my exit I-285 towards Stone Mountain. This guy tries to ride my back.. With my Yoko AVS ES and my AWD, I was easily able to pull away from him. I slowed down on the straight stretch towards stone mtn. This dude starts riding my back. I knew it was on. So we both take off and I slowly start pulling away from him on the top of 4th and 5th. As soon as I realized he had no chance, I slowed down, opened my window and waved to him. He does a ricer flyby.
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    Cliffs notes: 325i, Eclipse GT, Maxima go down.
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