Acid rain's effect on a car
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    Acid rain's effect on a car

    Hey everyone
    I was searching for a WRX and found an automatic 2004 WRX for $20,000 w/ 11 miles on it.
    I called about it (at a dealer) and turns out the car endured some acid rain while being stored in New Jersey.
    I've done a bit of research on acid rain (I knew nothing about it) and the reports seems to be a bit inconclusive as far as it's wffect on a car.
    I read some posts after searching that it can leave water spots which I can understand but the dealer said the car is still under full warranty as if it were new except for the paint. Also, there have been problems w/ the '04's paint in general.
    I am just trying to see if $6000 off the sticker price is my advantage or a car I should stay away from.
    Any input would be great.
    Thanks in advance
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    '04 WRX Auto vs. Acid Rain?

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    if you're looking to buy a WRX, take it! And just take it to Maaco for a quick once over, or take the difference that you would've spent normally, and get a paint job.
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    If you live around a major city, chances are that your car has been hit with acid rain. As long as your car's not made out of marble it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

    This is one of te few threads in WRX vs. the World that is literally about a WRX versus the world.
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    wrx vs natuaaR!

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    thats a darn good price. go check out the car, and see if you like it. A macco paint job isnt a great one, but if they can match and do a once over for a couple hundred you could be in good shape. or if the damage isnt that bad, just say screw it. i dont know about 6grand, but you will def. be saving about 4grand

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