STi vs. EVO
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This is a discussion on STi vs. EVO within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; The now classic rivalry. My car having only a Blitz SUS intake. The EVO had turbo-back exhaust, intake, SAFC (dyno ...

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    STi vs. EVO

    The now classic rivalry.

    My car having only a Blitz SUS intake.

    The EVO had turbo-back exhaust, intake, SAFC (dyno tuned), BOV and a couple extra pounds of boost. The driver only admitted to being dyno tuned, he denied any mods. The night before a friend of his told me his mods and, although he didn't pop the hood, most were pretty obvious.

    First, a few runs on the highway from a roll. We did 4 or 5 runs going from rolls between 20 - 50mph. I beat him by at least a car every time. We'd run up to around 125 or so.

    Next we went twice from a standing start. The first run I let the clutch fly at approx 4000 rpm. He pulled one car lenght right out of the hole. After 2nd gear, I started pulling him back in. We shut off a little short of a 1/4 mile and he was still half a car ahead. The second run I launched at 5000 rpm and he pulled out half a car on me. As I was reeling him in, he missed 4th.

    In conclusion, I was pretty happy considering his mods. I was surprised I took him on the roll. I suppose I could of launched at 5500 or 6000 and probably would have gotten an even launch but I just didn't want to do that.

    A Godspeed Downpipe is on the way and I have an MBC sitting in the garage waiting, then I'll be looking him up again .

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    Nice runs with two great cars! I still don't understand why some people lie about their mods.
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    Pretty impressive scince you are 99.9 % stock and he had quite a few mods.

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    good one... you STI guys are the only street rivals us EVO owners have.... i have yet to run one but i can't wait ...good job.
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    good race, he's gonna need an ecu flash before he'll beat ya
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