Multiple Races $$ (CORVETTE!!)
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This is a discussion on Multiple Races $$ (CORVETTE!!) within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Last night, me and my friends were getting ready to go to China Town in Chicago, to meet some car ...

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    Multiple Races $$ (CORVETTE!!)

    Last night, me and my friends were getting ready to go to China Town in Chicago, to meet some car enthusiasts and hang out. On the way there, i had to stop at the local gas station and i was suprised to see that a yellow corvette convertible was getting gas. I had seen this corvetter previously, its a 2000+ body style, bright yellow, and its a 6 speed. The woman driving it was there with her daughter, who was about my age, early college or so. Anyways we get to talking, and she compliments me on my car and i compliment her on hers. Then what she asked me suprised the hell out of me... "Is your car quick?" Me:"Not as quick as yours, but its quick" Her:"Ya, lets find out how quick it is then... ". So im like "OK SWEEET!!" i was so startled at the same time tho. So we get on the highway line up, going around 20 mph, and we both take off. She took an immediate half a car jump, but i kept her at that lenght till about 60, after which she started pulling away pretty hard, and by 90 she was about 3 or 4 cars ahead. So we talked again, and i told her to race off the line cause thats where my car's strong point is at. So we pull into a subdivision, make a U turn, and line up, nobody is even out at this hour, great! So i count to 3 and we take off. I slip at 4500 and im off to a commanding 2 car length lead. The great thing about it is that she started pulling, but by 90 mph, she was only at my rear bumper!!! Afterwards we went back to the gas station, cause she had to pick up her daughter, and me my friends, and we all talked. Her:"Wow, that is one fast car you got there, i woulda never imagined that little family car was so quick!" Me:"Ya, its not too bad i got a little stuff done to it, but soon im putting the boostcontroller in, so maybe we can run again, for a comparison of the difference it made" Her"Sure..." and she told me where she lives, which i already knew cause i always saw her car parked outside her house, she lives 2 minutes away. Im a 5 speed with just a uppipe and Downpippe. Oh by the way, she said the last run, her traction control kicked on in 1st gear, thats why she was left 2 cars behind from the start, regardless, as the race went on, she was BARELLY pulling at 80+mph, im talking inches! I was so proud of my car i wanted to kiss it. So i will run her again soon, after the MBC goes in :P. ANyways, so after that we finally made it to Chicago, where we met up with some of our friends, we went to a secluded place in chicago on a street called Division. When we got there, we thought we were in the movie Fast and Furious. THere was over 200+ cars there, all souped up with body kits and rims and neons and other fancy lights. There were 911 turbos and Supras and RX7's and everything u could imagine. Anyways, as soon as i get there, a guy walks up to me and hes like "is that your REX?" Me:"YES" Him"Is it stock?" Me:"YES" Him:"Good, lets run her" im like "OK" so we run it, everybody is watchin. Boom, i jump out 1 car ahead, and i keep pulling in 1st and 2nd. Then we go to third Gear and he starts pulling, gets almost to my rear, but we just cross the finish line then, so i won, but he was pulling good at the end. All my friends were cheering and everyone is like "damn good job, that thing is fast" im like "ya its decent." So then THere is this piece of **** looking Old CRX, who supposedly runs high 13's. He beggs me to race him, we saw him racing earlier, and he basically spanked everyone he went up against. So im like "ok why not, ill lose, but ill race anyways"...So we line up, we take off, im 2 cars ahead, that 2 car length lead then turns into 3 cars, and finally 4 by the end. My friends cheer again, and they get it all on tape $$. Which i will try to find a way to post, but i dont know how to go from VHS to computer . So im 2-0 for the night, and then a guy in a NICE eclipse, totally modded, with alot of **** done to it asks me to race. His eclipse is also All Wheel Drive. So we line up, i slip the clutch, but mess up, and he gets a 1 car lead. He keeps the 1 car lead, and doesnt pull ANY, and he finishes 1 car ahead of me. This guy's record after beating me was 97-4. So his car was fast, if i would of had my MBC, it would have been OVER. I wasnt mad, the guy was real cool, complimented me on an excellent run, told me he was suprised how fast i was. So after that we left and went back home. I was very pleased with how my car performed with just the uppipe and downpipe and i know if i wouldnt of had these, i would have gotten slaughtered by basically everyone. Anyways thats my story of the day enjoy. As i drove home, i felt bad for abusing my car so much, so i decided that for the next month, there will be no launching except at 1000 rpm and shifting at 2500 rpm, poor REXY .

    Bobby D

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    good job
    keep up the good work and take care of the rex for awhile
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    this is in chicago? man i wish i lived closer... sounds like fun.... i cant find nE one to race me...


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    Yea, I'm from the suburbs of Chicago...the DuPage area. Have you ever been out to Doti/Stony Island? They bring out cars on trailers and ****, but the cops bust it up fast. Last time I was down there they (the police) coralled about 30 of us cars and told us over their PA's that they were going to impound all our vehicles. They ended up letting us as you might have been able to tell, I'm looking for better Chicagoland spots. Anyone have any? We couldn't find "the stockyards"....any help?

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    Congrats on your wins and overall performance! I'm impressed with the up and downpipes only mods. From what I can tell you'll definitely be pleased with the MBC.

    OK, now for the obligatory "don't street race" prose. Be careful, man, it's just not worth getting yourself in trouble for something like that. You can control your car, but you can't control others'. Just be careful...
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