Encounter #1-Acura TL:
On the way to Atlantic City, I noticed a silver vehicle coming up at a high rate of speed so I pull into the right lane and thought it was a TSX until I saw the rear which was distinctly the new TL. I let him pass and he gets stuck behind a truck passing another truck (2 lane highway) and I'm now right on his butt. As soon as things clear, I get the okay from my girlfriend, he drops into the right lane, looks at me and we both gun it (I drop to third at around 60mph). I immediately gain about two car lengths on him but as I shift into fourth, he starts gaining on me a little but doesn't make too much ground. I then shift into fifth and I gain a little bit more on him but after that, nobody gains anything on anybody until we cut off at around 120mph. I then slowed down as he continued to drive at warp speed. He glanced at me as he drove by and looked a little pissed(he was probably about 40 years old). It was a good race and I was surprised I was able to edge him out especially since our cars aren't known for it's top speed. I know Acura's aren't known to be speed demons but I think they are an awesome all around package and have much respect for them.

Encounter #2-Jaguar X-Type 3.0:
Once we get closer to AC, I had to stop at a toll booth. I start to slowly pull away from the booth(I'm in the second to left most lane) when I hear somebody step on it from my left side (window still open from paying toll). I then see a very nice blue Jaguar X-type with 3.0 emblem get one or two car lengths ahead of me so I floor it and immediately catch up to him (girfriend was pissed about this one as she was just telling me how much cops hate it when you go flying out of toll booths). I shift to second and start to walk him pretty bad and I shut down once I get to around 80 (probably closer to 6 or 7 car lengths at this point). I then slow back down to normal speed limit and the guy, maybe mid twenties, slows down a little gives me a little glance of approval, I think, and flies off. I know I was probably picking on something with less power but it's always fun to get kills against cars that are more expensive than yours. More money doesn't always mean teh fastar!!! But I gotta say he was rollin in style...beautiful car.

My performance mods:
Perrin Uppipe
Prodrive Axleback
K & N drop in
Shiv's ECU trick

By next month:
TXS Stealthback w/cat
Cobb Accessport(countin the days)