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so wehre are you located? Interesting you dont like eip, my friend hosts their site in trade of some fab work on his turboII. The owners are pretty trustworthy and they actually care about the quality of their work. Thats pretty rare these days. DId you have a bad experience with them? Also it seems to me they've proved their tuning capabilities, didn't they have the fastest gti at one point?

yeah i didn;t have a bad expirnce but a good friend of mne did he bought a crate motor 2.0 for his golf and had it out in at eip and at the same time had turbo thrown on like a week later he was getting on to 695 from 70 towards towsonan poof smoke was every where on 6 psi .... WEAK

and i live in the columbia area but do you have a red wrx ?>