Stg4 Vs. E46 M3
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This is a discussion on Stg4 Vs. E46 M3 within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; On my way home today from work, I was cruising HWY 280 towards HWY 17 between Saratoga Ave. and Winchester. ...

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    Stg4 Vs. E46 M3

    On my way home today from work, I was cruising HWY 280 towards HWY 17 between Saratoga Ave. and Winchester. I see a nice new gun metal grey E46 pull onto the freeway. I look over and acknowledge him. He comes right behind me and gets up on my bumper. We are doing arond 60mph, since we had slow traffic in the fast lane. I am like, "he wants to play." There was quite a lot of traffic, so there wasn't very much room. I found a little hole in the right lane and dipped into it. He followed suit. I again found another hole and downshifted into 3rd at about 60mph. I went WOT through the rest of 3rd and then into 4th. I didn't gain much distance between the M3 and I. Then we had to get on the brakes hard and slow for traffic on the on-ramp to HWY 17. As we merged onto HWY 17, I found a nice opening across 4 lanes into the fast lane. I downshifted into 3rd again and merged. He took the slow lane and a few little holes. We got up to about 80mph where we both had to slow down. He then dropped back behind me in the fast lane. I looked up and nodded my head and smiled in the rear view. He smiled and did the same.

    A few miles up the road, he got over 2 lanes to the right, got up to me and gave the peace sign. I gave him a big thumbs up as he exited the freeway.

    It wasn't much of a race, but I was pretty suprised by the peace sign and acknowledgement from the BMW owner. Boy do I wish we could have stopped at a light.

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    hm, I usually walked those, but I have PE1818 and FMIC, I guess it might make a different ( or people I raced are ****ty drivers )
    my car is slow,,,,,, very slow.

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