e46 m3 vs. me today
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This is a discussion on e46 m3 vs. me today within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; So im pulling out of Wendy's with my salad and coke (lol, salad...) and I see an e46 pass me ...

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    e46 m3 vs. me today

    So im pulling out of Wendy's with my salad and coke (lol, salad...) and I see an e46 pass me up and pull up to the light. It had dealer tags on it still, so it must have been JUST purchased. I rolled up alongside and it was a younger dude and he looked like he thought he was the shiz. When the light changed we took off. He had a better launch and was ahead until I hit second then I started to pull...put about 2-3 legit lengths on him before I really started to pull because I think he shut down completely. Then he stayed wayyy back. I've done a few more mods since my last tune (on monday of this week, lmfao) so Im probably at about 330rwhp now.
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    w00t! Whup those Bimmer-loverz.
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    Nice kill.

    I was coasting to a stoplight several days ago with a car in front of me, coasting as well. We were both on the right lane, with an M3 convertible stopped at the light in the middle. The light turned green just as the car in front approached the stoplight, and I followed. I thought nothing of racing since my stop was 2 blocks away. I pass the M3 (who was still sitting at the stoplight) doing 25 mph and went up to 35 mph still on the right lane. As I was about to pass the next block, I hear the bee sting and scream of the M3 gaining on me and doing a "ricer fly by" (he was going about 60 mph). Before I looked at my sideview mirror, I actually thought it was an S2000 because of the way the engine sounded As we approached the next stoplight, which was my stop to turn, I decided not to turn because the M3 pissed me off with that fly by. Me still in the right lane behind the other car, an old mercedes was tailgating me and cut to the middle lane before I could get behind the M3. It stayed that way and I couldn't get next to or behind the M3, so i went home after 5 minutes.

    Btw the M3 did the speed limit after the fly by the entire time with no traffic in front of him

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    Good Kill. I love smoking yuppies!

    No offense to the cool BMW owners!
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