Man I miss the WRX.
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This is a discussion on Man I miss the WRX. within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Well due to some complications with insurance my car is off hte streets for a few days. So for the ...

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    Man I miss the WRX.

    Well due to some complications with insurance my car is off hte streets for a few days. So for the time being Ive been driving my brothers 2000 Eclipse GT. All I can say is I miss the WRX. I miss the power, the cockpit, the handling, everything. It just snowed and the FWD Eclipse is nothing compared to my WRX. It is such a different driving dynamic in that car. The Eclipse is laid back, low slung, set up for your typical teenager. The WRX, on the other hand, is simply perfect for driving. Im never going to tank my cockpit for granted ever again. plus driving an auto again really sucks, I was using that sport tronic thingy but it is no where near the same. It cant ever properly rev match on a down shift.
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    sucks man.

    I liked the last gen eclipses, but the new ones are pretty lame, IMO
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    1st and 2nd Gen. DSM turbos were awesome, but the 3G's are pathetic excuses for cars. Thank god Mitsu brought the Lancer; I was begining to lose all respect for them!

    My insurance is fine but my car is also outta comission right now, for almost a month thanks to a broken tranny. I guess it will be stronger than ever when I finally get it back.... I've been borrowing my friend's cavalier to get around, man do I miss the rex........

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    I had a 2001 Eclipse GT b4 the Rex so i know what you mean. But at least your in a ****ing Eclipse dood.

    I got cut off and Rex went into ditch....4k shop since Jan 7th....wont be fixed til Feb driving a 1983 Rabbit that always wants to die at the stop light. Suck it up eclipse least you dont have to worry about your **** running while you go to work.

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