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This is a discussion on Stage 2 vs... within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; ...A volunteer fireman in an SUV? I want to tell this story, but I don't want it taken in the ...

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    Stage 2 vs...

    ...A volunteer fireman in an SUV?

    I want to tell this story, but I don't want it taken in the wrong way.

    On my drive home from work, there's a section of 50MPH road than opens from 2 lanes (1 each way) to 4 lanes. It stays 4 lanes for about a half mile, then closes back to two lanes. There are signs saying, "Slower traffic keep right".

    I came zipping up behind 3 cars and the SUV. When it opened to 4 lanes, the three cars moved to the right lane. The SUV remained in the left lane. (There's always one driver who can't keep right -- Sigh.)

    I decided I didn't want to be stuck behind a huge wallowing SUV, so I stayed in the right lane and went past it.

    I'm pretty sure he knew I was trying to get around. He accellerated to try to block me but he wasn't fast enough, and I signalled and got in front of him. I didn't cut him off.

    Right after this, I see strobes light up in his turn signals and I think I heard a siren. (He was otherwise "unmarked.")

    So I'm thinking, "This idiot doesn't keep right, tries to block my pass, and now he thinks I'm going to pull over? No."

    So I walked away from him, and he fell further and further back. Eventually he switched off his strobes when it was obvious he wasn't going to catch me.

    After the road returned to 2 lanes, I came up behind 4 cars, and passed them, putting more obstacles between me and the nutty SUV guy. The roads were clear from that point on, and I never saw the guy again.

    My take on all this is that he was some bubba in a big SUV who thought he was gonna own the road and keep the little car from going around, and then tried to intimidate me with his pretty flashing lights.

    So far the cops haven't shown up at my house.
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    i would've pulled over by instinct, but you made the better decision. i bet you made him look really stupid as he had to turn off his lame lights

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    I had a similar experience one night coming home from somewhere with my wife. I was going about 55 in a 45 in her RSX-S coming up to a merge area. I was in the through lane and a guy in a jacked up Toyota pickup was in the merge lane going about 40. As I got about 2 car lengths from him, he changed lanes suddenly and without a signal about taking off my front bumper. I slammed on the brakes and stood on the horn. There was still some merge room left so I downshifted and swung out to the merge lane. He tried to accelerate but didn't have a prayer. Once I was in front of him, HE turned on his high beams. First this A-hole cuts me off, then he tries to block my pass, now he wants to tailgate me and high beam me! I gave him a few brake taps to get his attention at which point he turns on his volunteer fire department light. I guess that was supposed to scare me. He turned it off a few seconds later. What a moron. It happens alot around here that people don't approve of your speed or passing them on the right (when they are sitting in the left lane) and try to screw with you. If only people could drive. I think I need to move to Europe where people actually know the rules of the road.

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    I so hate when this type of stuff happens. I don't understand it as I used to drive an SUV and currently have an X5 so I don't know wtf'ing deal is w/ owning the fock'n road!?! But it never fails some arse in a 'burb is going to own the fast lane while on the phone.

    Ok, taking medicine and calming down...geesh.

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    This fat redneck with a F150 floored it at a light, to try to keep me from utilizing the mergelane.

    Upon flooring it, his aluminum ladder fell out of the bed after a rather large pothole.. I dropped the hammer and smoked the tires thru 1rst gear, grabbing second as i look back to see him pull over and get his ladder in a 4 lane highway, Some of the drivers out here are serious idiots... Dayton has 4 more months of my time... the only thing i will miss is sunoco94.
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    The other day, I was in the middle lane on a road with 3 lanes each way and I had a truck on both sides. They both took off WOT from the light when I went less than half throttle and they BOTH had a nasty look and liked to check on where I was...could have just given more throttle and not even downshifted and blown them away but opted not to...had food in the car.

    I've run into people with the lights that use them illegally too. A quick report on them tends to permanently shut them off.

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    Yeah, I was going to say, that's inappropriate use of the lights if they're not responding to a call.

    Of course, my luck would be that I'd report the guy, have my house catch fire, then wonder why our local VFD isn't showing up!

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