GT vs. Rexy (my gf's wrx wagon)
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This is a discussion on GT vs. Rexy (my gf's wrx wagon) within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; I was driving my GF's bone stock WRX wagon (with her in the car) and see a young black woman ...

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    GT vs. Rexy (my gf's wrx wagon)

    I was driving my GF's bone stock WRX wagon (with her in the car) and see a young black woman in a new red Mustang GT convertible crawl past us on the expressway (we were going 60, she was at 65). She seemed to notice the Rex. The next light turns red and I line up next to stang. Once the light changed, I slip the clutch a little and zoom off for a pretty brisk start while the GT luggs off the line. I hit my cruising speed again and stop accelerating. A glance to the rear view mirror shows she is coming up quick. She definitely noticed us this time. So she pulls up next to us at 60, revs, and smiles. The next light turns red.

    So this time it's on. She has a manual and I hear her get into gear. I launch at 3-3.5k (I want to be somewhat nice to the gf's car), chirp the tires, grab and go. GT girl sits at the light spinning. I get about 2-3 car lengths off the light and get another 1-2 by 3rd gear. GT girl continues to floor it while I hit 80, but she is 4-5 lengths back and doesn't seem to be catching up (we both seem to be accelerating evenly by this point, she was just behind). I shut down and pull to the left for my turn. The GT comes up to that light (she's going straight), she turns her head, smiles, and yells "THAT **** GOES!"

    I know I would have more competition if she could launch, but still, it was fun. Rexy did well.
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    Haha ...

    Lay it too everyone ...
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    I raced this cat with a GT convertible. He would not race me from a stop. He keep rooling trying to catch the light. I reved to 4K and when the light turned green slipped the clutch. He had 1/2 car on me because he rolled from the start. You should of had seen his face when I passed him at the top of first. By the end of second I had 3 cars or more on the GT. At the next light he started again with the rooling trying to time the light. I yelled out the window for him to race from a dead stop. He stoped moving and we raced from a dead stop. I put 1 car on him right of the bat and he gave it up soon after the spanking of the line.

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