Probably no surprises here, but I got a big kick out of it.

A couple of friends and I headed down to Hawaii Raceway Park last night just to mess around. The trip wasn't intended for grudge matches but I think my friend Dan (STI) did get his ego bruised a little.

We all pretty much consider ourselves to be booty engineers...constantly playing with new ideas and products, defined by being the exact opposite of elegant. Dom pretty has pretty much secured the title of 'head booty engineer'. His RS has the Ludespeed kit (incomplete) and all else stock (bottom end, stock 4.11 tranny, PnP heads yet to be installed, bent cam, FMIC sitting in pieces in his trunk. I think he actually ran a 13.5 and a 13.3 before he took out the heavy IC)

So they decide to head off to the 'grudge match' lanes. I stay back to watch all of Dom's 'stuff' (the IC had been only a small part of his load); but I can still pretty much see the starting line.

Dan gets a terrible launch, maybe a 1.1 R/T and a 1.8 60', where Dom gets a .8 and a 1.9. Still there's no room for argument at the end as Dom gets a 13.2 to Dan's 13.3.

Probably nothing to brag about and not an 'exciting' story, but you had to have been there. I'd chalk one up for the underdog.