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    Talking NSX.....almost!

    So I'm sitting at a light and I see a white nsx drive through the intersection. I note how cool of a car it is and everything and watch it drive off. My light turns, I drive my normal route home, and eventually I find myself right behind the thing. We are approaching a light, the lane splits to two, and the light turns red...what luck! So I'm lined up with a white nsx, nice wheels, and a young driver. But, he's on the phone, and doesn't look like he's in the mood to race. The light goes, nothing from him, so I just drive off, relizing he was turning about half a mile down the road. Oh well, I almost had the rare opportunity to run an nsx from a wrx's advantage.
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    I've always dreamed of owning an NSX with a Comptech Supercharger.
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    NSX's are pretty cool, here's some results from our local autocross season finale. It was a 5 lap enduro (5 straight laps) then everyone's time was paxed. I didn'y beat the NSX's on time, but I (#15stx) beat them after the pax and was only a few seconds off of their pace. The other two WRX's did beat them on time. My only suspension mods are a sedan rear swaybar and bald re92's, so I'm at a bit of a disadvantage in STX. http://www.sfrscca.org/solo2/Fresno/enduro.htm
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