WRX vs. VW Jetta
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    WRX vs. VW Jetta

    I'm on the 48 going South, near the NCR building. I roll up to a red light with a black Jetta in front of me. Traffic is light, likely due to the weeping citizenry of Ohio convalescing over their beloved Buckeye debacle.

    Light turns green and the Jetta takes off aggressively. I think "hmmm" and speed up to match his speed staying behind him. The next light turns red and he moves over towards the center divider to apparently get us evened up, and I pull beside him.

    He looks over at the rex but not at me directly, and then he guns his car. Aha. I figure that's a call to arms, slowly rev the car to around 2000 rpm and wait for green.

    Well I'm all over the green and instantly jump ahead of him by a car length. I don't know if he expected me to accept what I thought was his challenge, or whether I misinterpreted his signals, or whether he was rather sucky at launching (as I probably am), or whether a stock WRX wagon can blow away a Jetta (not sure if it was a VR6 or 1.8 T in retrospect). I had 3-4 length car lead in second at around 60mph when I slowed down, thus ending the 'race', when a slower car was 100 ft. ahead as was a light. He drove by but didnt' look over and I sustained 35ish speed, revelling in my first race, and (easy) victory. It was pretty exhilirating.

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    I dont know why cars like that challenge cars like yours.
    2003 SRT-4

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    yea good point, do you really want to see wagon tail lights??? no one does. Im proud of those wagons makes me wish i would have gotten one... wait no i love my car...
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