Playing With an M3!!!
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    Playing With an M3!!!

    I got off work today at about 3:00pm and I was going up De Anza Blvd. where it runs into HWY 9 in Cupertino.

    I was just cruising on my way to run the hills on HWY 9. I passed a brand new convertible M3 coming out of a parking lot and thought, that thing looks pretty nice. It was a deep turquoise blue and had dealer plates on it. Some Italian Model looking guy ( I am Sicilian so please don't take offense to this description) with greasy hair is driving. Trying to look cool with his shades down to the tip of his nose.

    After a few miles I see this M3 running in and out of traffic trying to catch up, and then he gets behind me. Well I get over in the other lane, and he blasts past me. I said, HELL NO, and downshifted to 2nd, and caught up to him in about a few seconds. He looks over and downshifts, at about the same time I did, and by this time I was in 3rd. He punches it and so do I and I wind out 2nd to about 6500 and third to about 6500. He looks over and he is stunned. He can't believe I am on the side of him still. By this time we are doing about 70 to 75 on a 35 mph road. So I let off for a split second, wind out 3rd to about 6700, and shift into 4th. And he lets off completely. So I let off and let him catch up. I look over at him and he won't look at me. Maybe because he was embarrased. I revved a few times and he won't look over. Then he takes a turn off really quickly as to avoid my bugging him. I was laughing sooo hard.

    I really can't wait to get my TurboXS Stage 2. And believe me, I know if he really wanted to he could have taken me at top end power, like over 100mph.

    I love the look that these people with expensive sports cars give and they can't believe our cars can keep up.

    Kurlee Daddee
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    good kill. i think he might have you in the 1/4 though. assuming your stock

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