Hey all,
This is my first race post.

The other night two friends and myself came back from a movie and were cruising around at a REALLY popular local stretch.

Anybody here ever heard of George Lucas's movie "American Graffiti?" Yah, well this is the Mchenry Ave. where all their cruising takes place, in Modesto, CA.

Anyways, I was on my way home when I see a NICE looking 70's Chevy truck coming up behind us. He pulls right up next to me an starts revving like crazy. Both of my friends are pretty sure the guy is running a 350(or 351), and the truck just sounds MEAN. We gun it at first from a roll of about 45, and I downshift to 2nd. This first run I absolutely DESTROY him, and then let down. Since there's like 20 stoplights on McHenry I wait for ONE red but never get it. I know that off a light I would waste this guy, but I just never get it.
We do one more run, and I think he's more ready this time as we both gun it and we stay Perfectly even, with him gaining literally 6 inches, but then I TRY to shift into 3rd and fall back a carlength I had fun but now realize how badly I need to work on shifting. He actually stopped racing when I fell back from my crappy shift, because I think he though I didnt want to keep gong
From 1st to 2nd and from 3rd to fourth I'm fast, but the other shifts seem sticky...Oh well, but it was FUN! and #1their were zero cars around so we were only putting ourselves at risk, and #2 luckily there were no cops, and #3 the guys in the truck were cool too (nothing said, just a straight up race)
Later all