I was going for a late night cruise, line up at a stop light, it was a bit moist out due to the rain like 12 hours prior. (this is at like 2 AM) a GTI VR6 lines up next to me. gives me a stare, then a rev. Light turns green, I launch around 4k, he launches. I get traction, he doesn't. It's over by the time i hit 45. Then he does a flyby on me, i follow him into a gas station and we talk for a bit. Pretty cool guy.

I'm driving down the local (car meet) area on saturday night around 12:30. a suv pulls up next to me and i hear a turbo. Not knowing what the hell a Typhoon is at the time I'm wondering what the hell is going on. He wants to go, so we go from about 30-65 roll, he was right at my front wheels the whole time. I was pretty impressed that I pulled on him a bit. I follow em in to the local "Fuel S7uts" meet where the big v8 and such american cars meet. And he (and his friend in another typhoon behind him) are like WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE IN THAT THING to hang with him. Just a few mods I say. They were pretty cool guys. Velveeta impressed me on that one