Best launch EVA! but burnedclutch?
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    Best launch EVA! but burnedclutch?

    Today I went out to the countryside (where there are no cops) to practice my launching.
    First launch- bogged like crazy

    2nd launch- a beauty!!!!!!!
    SO thats how this car gets to 60 in 5.4!

    One problem though- once I got into 4th gear after redlining from first to second and going up to about 5500 from 2-3 and 3-4, I noticed a VERY pungent smell. I've smelled this before and am positive it is not burnt rubber since 1-I know what that smells like and 2- the launch was perfect and I barley chirped at all

    I went through the gears fast before with my friends in the car and they said it was me burning the clutch a little when I asked them what the smell was.
    My QUESTION is at what point am I burning the clutch? Can I be burning it on my launch or is it most likely beetween gears?? THANKS for and help
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    You're burning when you launch. You can get your launch to the point where you don't burn the clutch.. but it's hard to do, and VERY hard on the tranny. If you want to save your tranny, keep doing what you're doing - a little clutch slippage is not a bad thing.
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    On my very few launches in my STi, I've managed to get very little burned clutch smell (and no, I don't dare drop the clutch).

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    Slipping the clutch a bit is the key to preserving the tranny. I've got 38,000+ miles on my stock clutch. I still get 1.81 sixty foot times and sub 13.5 1/4 mile ET's... My car also sees alot of autocrossing. I'll be putting in another stock clutch when the time comes, as I've been very happy with it.

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